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The digitally connected spend millions each year on insurance and benefit schemes in the quest for the health they aspire to – but in almost the same breath, they risk daily pain and potential injury on their bodies – by hours hunching over their keyboards.

One thing is sure, time spent at computers is only going to increase. So does this mean we are all destined for cranky spines, back and headaches?

One does not need to dig very deep to expose the mountains of literature warning of the danger of extended computer use. At the core of the problem is the common seating position when getting down to work or play. Desk and office chairs generally are not conducive to skeletal support and physical wellbeing. Though they might be comfortable when leaning back, generally users sit forward to engage, thereby exposing their bodies to a myriad of evils. Some of these evils might recede when using laptops, but certainly do not disappear.

When it comes to ardent users such as gamers, home set-ups often upstage work rigs. Their personal gear is faster, bigger, better. But though many might opt for a lounger, easy-chair or even beanie – which certainly can make the experience more comfortable, they most times do leave room for more ergonomic solutions.

But the greatest danger lurks in many workplaces.  Granted, it would be a little extreme to have workers lounging around in armchairs or beanies with their computers in clusters like hi-tech hippie camps – besides which it would be highly space inefficient. So unfortunately, in spite of best intentions, until now, companies had very few options open to them to alleviate the negative impact of long hours at a computer.

Fact: Many, many people spend long hours at computers, from editors to animators, from designers to architects, from accountants to call centres. And very many people are starting to feel that pain in the neck…

As they say, prevention is most times better than cure. It therefore seems logical to develop more comfortable, more ergonomic chairs and modi of engagement than carry on as usual and pay the consequences in health, wellbeing, and in sheckles.

Meet Sci-Ryder, recently revealed to the world right here in South Africa at rAge Gaming Expo 2014.

Sci-Ryder is a 100% SA home grown concept.

Most significant is the Sci-Ryder’s custom designed inclined seat which provides cushioned but sturdy support of the whole torso, even weight distribution down the whole spine, and extra support of the lumber area.

Screens are suspended at eye-level and can easily be moved further or closer to taste. Keypad or console controller is supported on an adjustable control platform that may be moved closer or further or inclined to meet exact desired position or comfort. With footrests, armrests and headrests all adjustable to taste, Sci-Ryder offers an incomparable experience.

Stylish lines and compact footprint (0.7m x 1.7m) make Sci-Ryder perfect for both professional and home use.

Sci-Ryder will be offered through retail at selected outlets from January 2015, but due to popular demand and to take up where rAge left off, we are running a great pre-launch Christmas promotion offering insane discounts while stocks last. For more information, visit us at www.facebook.com/SciRyder or www.sci-ryder.com.

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