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How Sci-Ryder Has Your Back

FACT: Sitting at a computer for long is detrimental to your health. Some are even saying computing is the new smoking. Yet day in and day out we go about our work and play, merrily hurting our bodies! We are all guilty.

Go back almost 100 years. Industrial revolution is in full swing and it’s the start of mass production, and factories are popping up all over the place. No one is really thinking health or safety gear. That’s sill a few years on, and injuries and fatalities are yesterday’s news.

Fifty years on and some start waking up to and suggesting safety gear in the workplace. Ten years later it’s advisable – and twenty years later, you don’t use safety glasses, earplugs and gloves, not only will you be fired and your boss scathed, more than likely your medical insurance will hang you out to dry.

Picture the motorcar industry. Emerged somewhere around the same time as mass production. First priority to get from A to B under man made power. Then came performance; how quick, how much power, the handling. Then looks became a major player. The car was a status symbol. An expression of your character, an extension of you and what you aspire to.

Then with the oil price and traffic, focus shifted to economy and functionality, and only then to ergonomics which has played a major role since.

Computers are more or less like the car game early on. The first priorities were processing power, space, RAM, resolution. The performance of the hardware was on a trajectory to the skies, and software wasn’t that far behind – or in front. And meanwhile connectivity was busy creating a whole new world and set of rules. And today we can do virtually anything from anywhere. …But still nine out of ten, from a desk and chair kind of set-up.  We are where cars were before ergonomics became a player.

But in the connected world, there are other drivers. We spend more time with our computers than with our family. We even spend time with our families on our computers, all the while doing our own bodies, the dirty.

So will there ever come a time where health insurance will start casting a startled eye around the white collar world? When it’s seen that white collar elite are prone to skeletal strain and trauma, muscle fatigue and organ failure? Will there come a day that these players  move to regulate: computer environments in the workplace should be ergonomic and designed around the health and well-being of the worker? And if a company does not have…

And will the day ever come when an individual has to submit his/her computer environment (just like smoking) to his or her health insurance broker?

Sci-Ryder was designed to address these paradigms, especially the health consideration. It is no longer only about engagement. It is about the overall experience of engagement. We believe when one is no longer aware of the body, total immersion takes place. The user and the virtual world become one, be that work or play, with less strain, less fatigue and infinitely more productivity and pleasure.

And Sci-Ryder gives you that ride. We have your back.


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