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Health Problems Associated with Excessive PC Gaming

I find this article a little difficult to approach simply because I am a fairly avid gamer, and any information that tells me I should be doing it less, is generally something I am reluctant to listen to. Gaming has been around for a while, progressing from video games to consoles, as well as on our laptops and PCs. Though, as far as harmless activities go, there are actually some dangers associated with gaming which are often overlooked. Which is unfortunate, since they can be avoided without cutting down on your gaming hours, by simply setting up the right environment to play in. So, to help you avoid the slow ravages of gaming, here are some tips to avoid its most commonly felt side-effects.

Permanent Spine Damage at 0Km Per Hour

Have you ever taken notice of the shapes your body takes during a gaming session? If not, do yourself a favour and pay attention to your posture. Your mouse arm starts to elevate at the shoulder, you start to sit askew with your one leg crossed over the other while your back and neck arch to form a question mark and before you know it, you are plagued with headaches, muscle pains and a stiff neck. Should this continue for extended periods, you actually run the risk of causing permanent spine damage. So be sure to keep both feet flat on the floor, your back as straight and supported as possible, and ensure that your screen is high up enough that you don’t need to tilt your head down to use it.

Torture on your Eyes

My mother used to tell me that too many games would give me square eyes. And while my extensive time at the keyboard has left the shape of my eyes in-tact, excessive sessions do leave me with severe eye-strain and often even migraines. Be sure to take frequent breaks and use that time to look at something far off. Make sure that there is no glare on your screen and that you wear the appropriate eye-wear where it is needed, and your eyes will be able to track those fast digital movements without any hassle.

Hands, Limbs and Ligaments

Repetitive strain injury is a condition where the joints in your hands and arms begin to ache as a result of performing the same actions over and over (such as clicking the mouse or smashing the spacebar). This condition is so common amongst gamers that it is also known as Nintendonitis. When playing, take plenty of breaks and ensure that your desk or playing spot is comfortable. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is also common amongst gamers, so take time to stretch those digits if you don’t want them seizing up.

Personal Hygiene

It is also worth mentioning that the addictive nature of gaming has a tendency to cause people to neglect important personal chores. Severe cases even have players going for days without eating or drinking properly, and there have even been recorded cases of deaths as a result of this. Gaming perpetually for the rest of your life may seem like a great way to live, but if you don’t take breaks that force you to look after your personal needs, you may find a harrowing dip in the quality of your life.

Contact Sci-Ryder for Details

One of the best ways to ensure that you stay clear of these side-effects of hard-core gaming (without cutting down on your fun hours) is to invest in a gaming station that is designed to keep your body comfortable and correctly supported during your playtime. For more details on obtaining a gaming chare that is recommended by chiropractors, contact a representative from Sci-Ryder today, or visit our website for details.

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