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Where your normal environment is more like a car, SCI-RYDER is more like an chopper or easy rider. By virtue of minimalist, feng shui styling SCI-RYDER would be an attractive feature in both work and private space.


Conventionally, we align ourselves to our computers. Wouldn’t it be great to get comfortable and then align your hardware to you? This was the thinking behind the ergonomic design of SCI-RYDER.
You straddle SCI-RYDER, your box is your motor between your legs, your keyboard, screens and even footrests can be adjusted easily and quickly.


The SCI-RYDER structure is rigidly mounted on an attractive easily assembled base occupying 1,8m x 0,8m of floorspace.


At the heart of SCI-RYDER’s ergonomic experience is the inclined hi-density foam saddle, designed to support the lumber, take weight off lower back and distribute load evenly. Crowned with an adjustable headrest to prevent strain on your neck, SCI-RYDER provides a unparalled ride on those long stretches of both work and play.


The frame of SCI-RYDER is inspired by the timeless yin-yang symbol representing balance and how contrary forces are often complementary, interconnected and interdependent in the natural world. The yin is the low inclined saddle providing comfort and ease. The yang, the large front curve support for screens, and integrated peripheral features.


Flaunting convention of adjustable seats, the SCI-RYDER boasts a fixed seating position with broad flexibility adjust headrest, armrests, screen distance and footrests.
SCI-RYDER can accommodate all popular gaming consoles and most desktop and gaming computers.
Adaptation assemblies are currently under development for support of pedals and steering wheels for racing games.


Two multiplugs with a total of 10 plugpoints are conveniently concealed behind the access stair. All wiring and cables for screens, speakers, headset and keyboard are harnessed within the structural frame, leaving the overall appearance clean and uncluttered.
To accommodate external drives and additional hardware, a USB hub is located on the keyboard platform.

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