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Dangers of Sitting at your Work Desk for too Long

Spend most of your day sitting at your desk? That’s what we thought! Below are a few ways that sitting for long periods of time destroys your health.
Poor Posture
Not only do you sit all day, but most people hunch over their desks twisted in a position that is not doing any good to their body. Sore neck and backaches sound familiar? Some simple adjustments can see to it that when you are sitting, you are doing it right.
Your back should be straight and the lower part of your back must be supported by your chair. Your laptop should be at eye level in order to prevent slouching.
Prone to Injury
Sitting all day leads to gluteal muscles deactivating. The less active your glutes are, the tighter your hamstrings, quads and hips become and you begin to feel more pain in the lower back, neck and shoulders.
Risk of Disease
Studies have proved that a desk-bound lifestyle may increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. The goal should be to increase movement each day and not just sit in the office.
Defeats your Workout
A recent study found that extended sitting can take away benefits from a workout done that day. For example, if you jump on the treadmill for an hour, and then sit for around nine hours at the office – you are losing 80% of the health benefits of your workout.
Plenty of Sitting leads to even more Sitting!
Work is mentally exhausting, mainly if you don’t take time to stand up and move. We are aware that there are a few stressful days at the office where we would just want to get home, lay on the couch and watch a movie. When this thought enters your mind, remind yourself to go for a walk and move around.
Burn Fewer Calories
When sitting, you burn 30% fewer calories than when you are standing. Do you find yourself sitting at your desk snacking while you work? Burning fewer calories while sitting and snacking on a high-calorie snack do not go together.

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