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Creating an Almost Fully Immersive Gaming Experience

Every serious gamer can tell you of the appreciation they have for an experience that arrests their senses, keeps them enraptured and gives them a significant escape from reality. Immersive gaming is achievable, though it often costs a pretty penny, but there is more than one way to skin a cat, and not all of the roads to immersive gaming are paved with gold and diminished salaries. Still, if you are a gamer and are looking for an extra way to put all five senses into your hardware, here are some excellent ways to up the immersion in your gaming room.

AR and VR
Augmented reality and virtual reality are still budding as far as tech goes, but they have a lot to offer gamers in terms of immersion. VR, in particular is possibly the most immersive tech on the market, especially when using newer, higher-definition platforms like those available for high-end gaming machines. They both put you and your movements inside of the game; and once you get over the initial motion sickness, they provide a completely new way to game that captures and holds your attention and senses.

Big Screen; Lights Off
It’s not exactly a life-hack, but it won’t cost you any money. These days, most graphics cards come with DVI or HDMI inputs, which means that they can be paired easily with HD TVs. Getting up close and creating a gaming environment where there is nothing but you and an HD screen can do wonders to create an immersive environment, especially once you hit the lights. A word of caution though; frequent breaks should be taken when doing this to protect your eye-site and posture.

Haptic Gaming Vests
Haptic gaming vests are not exactly cheap, but as a brand new technology you can expect that. They do bring your sense of touch into the gaming world in a way that no other device can. While wearing the vest, any damage received by the player will be felt (to some extent) through vibrations and shocks in the vest, which is one way to motivate you not to lose that round of death-match.

Turning off your Body
Seating, comfort and posture play a huge role in immersive gaming. If you are uncomfortable, there is just no way you will be able to lose yourself to the game; you will be all too worried about a stiff neck and back or a distracting seating position. For a truly amazing immersive gaming experience, consider getting yourself a Sci-Ryder chair that is designed for extreme comfort when playing.

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