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Comic Con Africa

So something exciting happened! Comic Con has announced that they will be hosting an event here in South Africa in September this year! Of course we know that this will go deeper than cosplays and graphic novels, and that does not dampen the excitement of this announcement. This also stimulates our imagination for the possibilities for the gaming community. Although I’m not telling you anything that you don not already know. I mean this news has been everywhere and everyone is excited!

What to Expect

So we haven’t really had one of these things before, so do we really know what to expect? Sure we have lots of cosplay gatherings, and gaming conventions, but none of them have the prestige that Comic Con has. For most of our lives we have heard of this large gathering of fiction and fantasy, from our favourite television shows and from so many blogs and Instagram posts. But what does this mean, well it means that there will be guest appearances from some of our favourite shows, such as The Big Bang Theory and game of Thrones. This will also include cosplayers, stalls, and a bit of everything for everyone!

Comic Con and Games

Comic Con is a sceptical that people wait for each year, and each year it is something so wonderful to experience. When one thinks of Comic Con they do not think of it as a gamer’s paradise, like they do when they think of Rage. But this does not need to be the case, at all. Even though we do not know what to expect, we do know that there will be catering to gamers, comic lovers, and fantasy and science fiction fans. We also know that this will be something that will be uniquely South African.


There is no need to wait until Comic Con to game in style, or experience gaming like you never have before! Sci-Ryder has the best gaming chairs that allow you to become fully engorged in the gaming experience, as well as experiencing great comfort. And maybe we could even make an appearance at Comic Con, you never know.

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