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How Sci-Ryder Has Your Back

FACT: Sitting at a computer for long is detrimental to your health. Some are even saying computing is the new smoking. Yet day in and day out we go about our work and play, merrily hurting our bodies! We are all guilty. Go
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The Making of Fortnite

Fortnite was introduced at the Spike Video Game Awards in 2011 held at the Sony Pictures Studios in California. Cliff Bleszinski, former director of Epic Games got up on stage and presented a trailer for his brand new game. Epic
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Creating an Almost Fully Immersive Gaming Experience

Every serious gamer can tell you of the appreciation they have for an experience that arrests their senses, keeps them enraptured and gives them a significant escape from reality. Immersive gaming is achievable, though it often costs a pretty penny,
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E-Sports is Growing in South Africa

The digital age has brought about a reawakening of the gaming scene, and South Africa’s eventual introduction of an internet infrastructure that can allow users to take advantage of the full-functionality of online gaming is helping the trend to grow
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Shocking Health Benefits of Playing Video Games

Testing, complicated, and ambitious, video games have come a lengthy way since the simple arcade games- and evidence is growing that the advantages of playing games go beyond improved hand-eye coordination and amusement. Let’s have a look at some ways
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Comic Con Africa

So something exciting happened! Comic Con has announced that they will be hosting an event here in South Africa in September this year! Of course we know that this will go deeper than cosplays and graphic novels, and that does
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Release of Dark Souls Remastered

So as a few of you know, and cannot wait for, Dark Souls Remastered is set to release on the 25th of May this year. And we are definitely excited, And the release date being a bit further away means
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    The digitally connected spend millions each year on insurance and benefit schemes in the quest for the health they aspire to – but in almost the same breath, they risk daily pain and potential injury on their bodies
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Gamers descend for rAge

The annual rAge gaming expo is kicking off in a few days at the Dome in Northgate for the 12th year. Visitors will be able to experience the latest in games, technology and gadgets from over 95 exhibitors. Game, gadget
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