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Anyone who has spent any decent amount of time on a computer knows that a chair and desk is not the ideal set-up. Without even thinking of the strain on your body, it’s downright uncomfortable – and no one knows better, the importance of  a great computer chair, than the online gamer.

The thing is, desks were never designed for computers. They simply inherited their space from typewriters – who inherited from scribes. Little wonder they don’t quite cut it…

SCI-RYDER is a futuristic computer chair for gamers, specifically designed around the human body: where should there be the most support, what inclination of the body, relationship to peripherals, how to provide the best comfort, facilitate best circulation, and provide the best possible computer engagement experience.

Over the past decade or so, we have been given performance, we have the space, we have the resolution. But the day has dawned to think of comfort and the overall engagement experience – and Sci-Ryder, the computer chair specifically designed for gamers, is blazing the trail.





Stylish design inspired by Yin-Yang symbol – equilibrium & harmony

Inclined chiropractor approved seat reduces back & neck pain

Three different leg and foot support positions.

Accommodates single and multiple screens.

Occupies less floor space than conventional computer chair and desk.




Sci-Ryder – Hi-tech Computer Gaming Chair

Where lies the next frontier in gaming? More band width, bigger drives, bigger screens, better graphics and resolution…? One thing is certain: Everything will get bigger, brighter, faster, …better…
But that is evolution – not revolution. The next frontier will not be in our toys, but how we play with them. Desks are dead. Gone are the days being forced to engage on your desk or computer’s terms.

There can be no doubt that people in their millions will continue to latch on to the phenomenon of computer gaming – which has and will continue to change just about everything in the way we work and play. And just as certain, people will spend longer and longer stretches on computers.

On the flip-side of all the positives, is the negative impact of extended periods spent on computers, on muscles and skeletal structures. The body was not designed to spend hours, days, weeks and years sitting hunched over a keyboard. It is time for a revolution in computer gaming chair design and manufacture.

Recently launched to the world at the rAge Gaming Expo 2014 in South Africa , meet the SCI-RYDER, a ground-breaking innovation set to redefine the computer user experience.

According to research at Cornell University and the Cleveland Clinic Centre for Spine Health, hunching over a computer is a leading reason why more and more people end up with crippling back pain at some point in their lives – pain which can be avoided by a few simple changes in the way we engage computers. Sci-Ryder addresses nine of the major hazards associated with extended computer use!

For more information on SCI-RYDER, contact Sci-Ryder at info@sci-ryder.com, or telephone on +27 (11) 791-3308, or visit us at www.sci-ryder.com

Whether you’re a gamer or a professional executive, SCI-RYDER is the latest breakthrough innovation that will revolutionise your work-space.


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