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Sci-Ryder Computer. Gaming and Office Chair


Sci-Ryder, a revolutionary concept in workstation and playstation engagement – giving you the opportunity to meet your computer on your terms!

Sci-Ryder is ideal for both computer gamers and professionals including IT developers, programmers, editors, designers, architects, accountants, stockbrokers, bookkeepers and anyone spending hours working or playing on computers or gaming consoles.

Whether PC, PS4 or Xbox, Sci-Ryder is an ergonomic computer chair designed to give you the freedom to work/play for hours without the pain in your neck!


Inclined chiropractor-approved seat and seating position.

Distributes weight evenly taking the strain off your lower lumbar region.

Significantly decreases the risk of chronic back & neck pain and headaches.

Adjustable headrest further optimizes comfort and minimizes back strain.

Adjustable keyboard/console platform to set distance from keyboard or keyboard inclination to taste.

Three different leg and foot support positions.

Adjustable padded armrests.

Accommodates one, two or three screens – and provides easily adjustable screen distances.

Occupies only half the space of a conventional desk set-up.

With all  cables concealed, the Sci-Ryder is functional, futuristic and stylish.

Ideal for both home and office.


The SCI-RYDER is a formidable implementation for anyone ready to experience a comfortable and easily accessible work environment with the bonus of visual appeal. This is going to set the trend for future office equipment.
A. Pombo
“Give it to meeeeee!”
Rikus, South Africa
“Tis Awsome!!!”
Alex, Durban, South Africa
“I like the design”
Manuel, South Africa
“This is an amazing product”
Leandrew, Swaziland

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